KW19: Global Brand Conference BERLIN

von Andreas Hesse

Three inspiring days at Global Brand Conference in Berlin. Great keynotes by Verena Bahlsen and Maik Richter! Moreover, I am grateful for the insights Pawel Dillinger shared with us so that Holger J. Schmidt and me were able to present „The Dillinger-Case“, an example for social software driven Brand Ambassadorship. Today, I am delighted to present another study which is building on a cooperation with Cape Peninsula University of Cape Town. Together with Pieter Steenkamp, PhD, MBA, Dr. Virimai Victor Mugobo and Holger J. Schmidt we realized an assessment of digital maturity and brand management activities of more than 900 companies in Koblenz (Germany) and Stellenbosch (South-Africa). A special thanks to our Koblenz student team who conducted the Koblenz data collection in time and with high quality. On top of that thanks to the students class I was happy to accompany in South-Africa weeks ago. The cross-boarder comparison really provided a fresh perspective.